From ICI warehouse, directly to your store rack or shelf: Efficient, economic, ecologic…
Pioneering company of carpet ındustry ICI International puts another milestone in the sector and proudly presents RUG IN PACK: An efficient, ecologic and economic carpet packaging system. Designed, developed and produced with an environmental friendly approach RUG IN PACK provides many logistics and operational (transfer, handling, storage) advantages which brings considerable cost savings on time, labour and space.

Some of the benefits of RUG IN PACK system might be listed as:
• Easy and effective transportation possibilities on pallets by forklifts,
• Cost savings due to efficient space utilization in containers on trucks and in warehouses,
• Easy stocking possibilities on rack systems,
• Prevention off possible damages that may occur due to conventional bulk palletization,
• Cost savings on insurance expenses,
• Compliance with occupational safety regulations,
• Easy handling operation while transferring to points of purchase,
• Easy and practical to display and present,
• Easy transfer possibilities to points of purchase without exact quantity constraints and damage risk,
• Prevention off products from dust, stain and other dirts,
• Easy to carry by hand and by car,
• Easy and economic transformation of products into promotion items, presents for special days and events such as Christmas, new year, Valentine day, mother’s day etc.

Whether for a furniture shop, DIY or chain store, both patchwork carpets and packages of RUG IN PACK could be produced under private label in accordance with clients’ preferences.
Custom design, custom size and custom printing options of RUG IN PACK are available on request.