ICI, International Carpet Investment Industry, Marketing Foreign Trade Inc. one of the companies of Terzioğlu Holding, has been a pioneering and leading firm in the international carpet market since it had been formally found in 1973 although strong background of the company dates back to six generations.The legitimate reputation of the company has been gained over the generations and years both by highest quality, traditional hand woven wool and silk carpets which are produced as clone copies of the rare carpets that could only be found in museums and antique traders and also by their business principles based on fair and ethical trade practises.


With a global and ecologic vision and awareness, progressive company thinks green, acts green and produces green as much as possible.
As well as production and operation processes to convert its facility into green concept, ICI new complex in İstanbul is being constructed in accordance with USGB LEED certificate legislation and will be completed by Agust 2013.‘’...It is a daily but exciting routine for us to search, to observe, to communicate, to talk, to listen, to see, to experience... all aiming to create, to innovate and to produce better... not only for us and for our clients but also for the world...’’


Today, with facilities in İstanbul and Konya, and a show-room located in the heart of historical peninsula of İstanbul in a historical building ICI operates with a team of 150 professionals in total.


The quality policy of our company, which carries out the design, manufacture and sale of single piece & patchwork carpets, rugs, pillows, poufs, foreign trade, customs clearance, management and administrative organization activities as well as the operations related to these activities and the related production and services; We understand the expectations correctly in order to satisfy our customers needs, we strive to meet these expectations and make our customers feel valuable. While fulfilling customer demands, we attach importance to mutual reliability, confidentiality principle, relevant standards, expectations of interested parties and legal requirements.
We support the continuous development of our subcontractors and suppliers, and we conduct continuous and planned audits and evaluations for this purpose. We conduct planned trainings to ensure that our quality policy and all management systems in practice are adopted by our employees, that their principles are well understood and that they are continuously improved.