ICI Samsun Traditional Collection

Samsun is a classic and a piece of art having the similar characteristics as the 17th to 20th century Tabriz, Tabriz Vase, Mohtashem, Safavid, Polonese, Hadji Jalili, Keschan, Keschan Mohtashem, Kirman and Isfahan, and Isfahan Strapwork rugs. It is a bridge proud of combining the unforgettable values and beauties of the past to the future.

These rugs with their rich patterns, colour harmony, and distictive characters, are one of the most important forms of art that give us the real excitement. Their genuine ones can only be found in museums, special collections and antique traders. In the 17th to 20 Th centuries, some big families known for their weavings had valuable contribution to the creation of these artistic pieces. The combination of hand-spun yarn and rich patterns help us to classify Samsun as a classic for the “Anew Old Rugs”.

The nice touch achieved by the help of hand-spun yarn and vegetable dyes creates a fine background to show the original colors in a much nicer way. Various washing and finishing processes applied reflect the classical characteristic of these rugs in an ideal way and add to their values.

ICI Kumkapı Traditional Collection

A stunning collection consists of identically reproduced Ottoman & Persian Silk Rugs selected from the most significant rug repertoire of the world. Once the very symbol of wealth, power and prestige, the most valuable weaving material, originating from China, silk had created its own trade routes and system both via land and oceans delivering precious goods to Africa, Asia Minor and Europe.

Handcrafted as premium textiles for royals as capes and dresses but also as the most valuable rugs for palaces and royal residences.During the reign of Ottoman Empire, Hereke and Kumkapı around Istanbul and Kayseri-Bünyan in Anatolia were the main manufacturing centers for silk rugs.
Demonstrating the most labor-intensive craft at a first-rate quality and making this rug an art piece together with hand-spun superior silk and sophisticated design, this breathtakingly luminous weaving is a treasured heirloom to last generations.

Entirely floral, intricate layout is centered around a circular medallion and inclosed by a firm bordure bearing amazingly rich botanical motifs and patterns. A fascinating blend of elegancy, dignity, fineness, luminance and chrominance. Certain to transform any living, dining or bedroom into the most luxurious ambiance either in a classic, demi- classic or antiques-dominated style or conversely in a -less is more- minimalist, contemporary decoration while becoming the very center piece.

ICI Zara Traditional Collection

Zara is the re-creation of the 19th century very special classics like Heriz, Bakshaish, Serapi, Ziegler and Mahal. It is a bridge proud of combining the unforgettable beauties and values of the past to the future. The unique harmony observed at these rugs is our main source of inspiration for the colors, designs, warping, wefting, and weaving techniques used for this production.

Fully studied asymmetric patterns, special hand-spun yarn, and vegetable dyes achieved through special techniques make these rugs as precious as the original ones. With the help of this production, we are able to exhibit all the artistic values and glory of those unique rugs which can only be found at special collections and museums today.

There is no doubt that the Zara rugs will take their place among precious antiques in the future. Various finishing and washing processes developed especially for these rugs give them a distinctive character and add to their values.

ICI Zile Traditional Collection

The gorgeous primitive beauty, natural colours and handspun-wool of the 19th century Bidjar, Sarouk, Malayer, Senneh, Ferehan, Bakshaish, Serapi, Mahal, and Heriz rugs are used in these products. Zile is a high quality product which exhibits a combination of all these classics.

Traditional asymmetric patterns, handspun-wool, and root dyes made with special techniques are used on these rugs. Proper finishing and washing processes add to the value and beauty of these rugs.